First GA of RESTeasy Released

On 21 January JBoss announced the first GA of RESTeasy was released

Like any other java nuts and bolts framework it is “certified” against JAX-RS specification which makes me worry about being a heavy approach.

JBoss RESTEasy is a framework that allows you to write RESTFul Web Services in Java. It is a fully certified and portable implementation of JAX-RS specification.

It can be run in Servlet container such Tomcat but the full benefits come when integrated with JBoss AS. What is new is that despite JAX-RS which is a server side specification the JBoss team innovated on the client side and they implemented JAX-RS Client framework to speed the development process.


* Fully certified JAX-RS implementation
* Portable to any app-server/Tomcat that runs on JDK 5 or higher
* Embeddedable server implementation for junit testing
* Rich set of providers for: XML, JSON, YAML, Fastinfoset, Atom, etc.
* JAXB marshalling into XML, JSON, Fastinfoset, and Atom as well as wrappers for arrays, lists, and sets of JAXB Objects.
* Asynchronous HTTP (Comet) abstractions for JBoss Web, Tomcat 6, and Servlet 3.0
* EJB, Spring, and Spring MVC integration
* Client framework that leverages JAX-RS annotations so that you can write HTTP clients easily (JAX-RS only defines server bindings)

I know that it sounds like another heavy J2EE framework but give it a try.