Creating a secure JMX Agent in JDK 1.5

What is JMX?

Java Management Extension is an open technology for management, and monitoring that can be deployed wherever management and monitoring are needed. The most common use in a web application is for application management. This is very often an afterthought which results in many unmanaged application deployments.

You can monitor you application for availability and performance but in the same time you can use the JMX to manage and monitor you application from business perspective. Application’s runtime metrics can be expose through JMX, or in a service oriented architecture you could use JMX to control your services.

All good but when you start to work with JMX and JDK 1.5 soon you will discover one big limitation that was fixed in jdk 1.6 update 16 if i recall correctly:

Default RMI JMX agent for remote access opens 2 ports, one which is set by the and one randomly assigned port.. What about firewalls?

JMX service url



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